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About Us

Step of Faith Church International Ministries (SOF) is called to building healthy people, healthy families, and healthy communities.  SOF is a place where men and women, young and mature (become disciples of Jesus Christ) can experience the loving power of God.

We are a place where people will come into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and can discover their gifts, talents, and callings to impact their world for Christ. We are a people that strive to live in Biblical Community, experiencing a life changing transformation through the power of God.

Our goal is to be the church of Jesus Christ within the urban community of Grand Rapids that is a model of Biblical Community (Revelations 7:9), Social Justice (Isaiah 28:16, 17) and Reconciliation between blacks, whites and other people groups (John 15:11, 12).

Step of Faith Ministries practices the principals of Christian Community Development.  The following poem is a philosophical guide;

Go to the people, Live among them, Learn from them, Love them, Start with what they know, Build on what they have; But of the best leaders, When their task is done, The people will remark “We have done it ourselves.”

Our leadership team is comprised of Stedford & Hazel Sims, Tom Sims, Derek & Kelly Mullen, Tecca Jones and Douglas Rowland.